Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Moose Report: #2

Knowing you are one of many teachers a student like this will have in their educational career:How connected are you? Are you a 21st Century learner, teacher or both? What role do you play in supporting the 21st Century student?

I am constantly learning new ways of accessing information and disseminating it to my students. As fast at the Internet reinvents itself, there are news ways to communicate every few weeks. The advertisements on the television tell of the “apps” that will help you do everything from planning a dinner party to vetting a new health care directive from your doctor. I have students who come to me with the latest website that they went to that taught them the latest “thing”. I try to support my students by teaching them the best way “I know” to access, vet, share, and present information. I used to teach a class for teachers on how to search the Internet. I wish we has more time to teach a course called “Navigating the Internet”.

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