Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Below is the review sheet that we are handing out to the students today and tomorrow!
Rocks and Minerals Test Review
1. Minerals can be described as: inorganic, formed in nature, and having a crystalline structure.
2. A mineral deposit that is large and pure enough to be mined is called .
3. Which mineral is the most resistant to scratching?
4. Which mineral is the least resistant to scratching?
5. A solid whose atoms, ions, or molecules are arranged in a definite pattern is called a crystal.
6. What part of the appearance of a mineral can vary according to the impurities in that mineral?
7.What do you call the splitting of a mineral along smooth, flat surfaces?
8. What is the name for the measure of the ability of a mineral to resist scratching?
9. What are the characteristics called that are particular to only a few types of minerals
10. What is the colored powder of a mineral called?
11. What is the name for the way in which a mineral reflects light.
12. What is the breaking of a mineral along either curved or irregular surfaces called?
13. What is the smallest part of an element?
14. What is a solid whose atoms, ions, or molecules are arranged in a pattern?
15. What is a substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances?
16. The sizes, shapes, and positions of the grains that make up a rock is call texture
Words you should know
streak luster atom cleavage ore reclamation
density surface-mines Subsurface Mines crystallizes mineral
metallic metamorphism hardness fracture special-properties
metallic submetallic nonmetallic Mohs-Scale texture
conductivity grain